Animal suffering- far from an enigma

Re: “The Enigma of Animal Suffering”  in today’s New York Times

Sigh. Just another thinly veiled attempt to justify one’s behavior. The path Rhys Southan takes to justify his own lapsed veganism is so convoluted it makes my brain hurt to follow. Animal suffering is far from an enigma. Non- human animals are sentient beings just as we are, and while we may never understand the complexity of that suffering, denying it’s existence does not make it vanish. The true enigma here is how a seemingly intelligent person, one so aware of the reality of animal suffering, can devote so much energy to minimizing it’s importance.

When people use oxymoronic terms such as “happy meat”, or in the author’s case, “painless exploitation” (???!!!) it is clear that we’re dealing with a conflicted person. They know that they are doing something wrong, but instead of trying to right that wrong, they look for a right way to continue carrying on deplorable behavior. That’s what Southan does here, again and again. He spells out theoretical, ever more complex ways to justify as yet unrealized “advances” in animal exploitation. Why bother? It is unlikely that he even believes himself.

Honestly, wouldn’t it just be easier to go back to being vegan?



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