Support Research, Not Vivisection

I love the Vegan Zombie’s take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (Well, why wouldn’t I, as I love EVERYTHING they do. They could just do laundry on their zlog and I’d watch.) It’s great that they’re supporting awareness of the disease while simultaneously bringing attention to the plight of lab animals in medical testing.

In addition to being cruel and unnecessary, animal testing is terribly outdated, expensive and ineffective. In the age of the genome,we have far more advanced and effective technology in conducting medical research. Read more about progressive, humane methods on the Anti-Vivisection Society’s website.

Sure, I’m speaking as an animal rights advocate, but I also have CRPS, an as-yet incurable nerve disease for which I would like to see a cure in the future. While I often have unrelenting pain, I would never pass on that pain to dogs, monkeys or mice through futile animal research. Particularly when there are more effective, humane research methods available. Torturing animals won’t get us where we need to go, in fact it slows us down. While scientists are wasting time on archaic, misleading animal research techniques, they could be sequencing genomes and making strides.

So please, if you wish to further the course of research, consider a contribution to one of these progressive charities, and not the ALS Association. And if you want to further ALS research, send their foundation an email, or call, urging them to stop testing on animals.

Oh, and did I mention that I met the Vegan Zombie crew at The Seed here in NYC last weekend?  Here I am with my favorite zombie slayers, just a little starstruck. zombie


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