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Love Dolphins? Then Please, Don’t Swim With Them.

As I write, it is dolphin slaughter season in Taiji, Japan. With this on my mind, it was particularly poignant to see a Facebook post about a family’s experience swimming with dolphins over their vacation. The outpouring of support for the post via “likes” and comments reminded me that most of us are in the dark regarding the origin of these dolphins. […]

YOU Can Help Reverse Climate Change- Don’t Pass the Buck

400,000 people turned up to the People’s Climate March on Sunday here in New York City. The consensus is clear- we don’t want to drown under rising oceans or burn up under depleted ozone. But how many of those marching really want to do what it takes to turn this thing around? I salute the thousands who took […]

Support Research, Not Vivisection

I love the Vegan Zombie’s take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (Well, why wouldn’t I, as I love EVERYTHING they do. They could just do laundry on their zlog and I’d watch.) It’s great that they’re supporting awareness of the disease while simultaneously bringing attention to the plight of lab animals in medical testing. In […]

Be a Witness: The Ghosts in Our Machine

I was fortunate to attend the premiere of the moving documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine  last friday in New York City. Beautifully conceived and executed by director Liz Marshall, Ghosts follows intrepid photographer Jo-Anne McArthur through her worldwide, industry-wide documentation of animal abuse. Ghosts takes us on Jo-Anne’s physical and spiritual journey- to the dark locations rarely glimpsed by human […]

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I’ll have a brand new 100% original recipe post out next week, but in the meantime, this cartoon made me laugh out loud- hope it brings you a giggle too.

A Vegan Taste of Chinatown

Love this video featuring Jasmin Singer, half of the fabulous Our Hen House duo. While I avert my eyes at the duck-laden windows and tables of fish when roaming NYC’s Chinatown, when you gaze elsewhere it’s absolutely teeming with vegan options. Here Jasmin and Patrick Kwan of HSUS take a look at some of those […]

A Compassionate Thanksgiving

This post began as a simple link to Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s marvelous new Thanksgiving video. But since she is my patron saint of inspiration, it doesn’t surprise that it developed a tiny life of it’s own. (I’ll still get to the video, which you must check out.) The spirit of Thanksgiving is obviously in it’s […]